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Reflections on Content Discovery: Mirror's Evolving Homepage

We are excited about how our new homepage design promises to redefine the way you discover, engage, and create content on Mirror.
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Introducing Writing NFTs 2.0

Today we’re excited to announce some exciting improvements to Writing NFTs, reinforcing Mirror as the best place to post, mint and collect writing in web3.
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Introducing Collectable Embeds

Today, Mirror is excited to introduce Collectable Embeds. Creators can now embed NFTs from across Ethereum into their Mirror posts, letting readers collect inline without leaving the post.
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Introducing Subscribe to Mint

Today, Mirror is excited to launch Subscribe to Mint, a new way for creators to transform their collectors into an engaged web3 community.

Update on Publishing Tools

Since our launch, new communities that have coalesced on Mirror have redefined what we can accomplish together. Mirror has been fortunate to support ambitious crowdfunding campaigns like The Ethereum Film. Krause House bought a professional basketball team and is working toward buying an NBA team. Blvkhhvnd launched the first decentralized e-sports team and just won a world championship.
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Introducing Web3 Subscriptions

Today, Mirror is excited to announce the launch of web3 subscriptions. This new feature allows readers to subscribe to any Mirror publication with their wallets and receive email notifications when new content is posted. For creators, web3 subscriptions open the door to building a wallet-based community that can be used across web3.
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Introducing Writing NFTs

Before Ethereum was code, it was a piece of writing. A year prior to Ethereum’s launch in 2015, Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper that laid out his vision for the project. Like Satoshi before him, Vitalik’s whitepaper served as a call to action that inspired a group of believers to help bring his ideas to fruition. This whitepaper has become an invaluable artifact — a foundational text with historical significance.

Retrieving posts directly from Arweave

All of Mirror’s posts are available to access on Arweave, an on-chain decentralized storage layer that makes it so that your posts exist forever (even if Mirror does not)!
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Introducing Editions v2

This week, Mirror launches v2 of Editions as part of its publishing tools.