Introducing Writing NFTs 2.0

Today we’re excited to announce some exciting improvements to Writing NFTs, reinforcing Mirror as the best place to post, mint and collect writing in web3.

  • Custom covers: Customize the cover image of your Writing NFT to make it even more special.

  • Open editions: Now, you can let everyone in your community collect by making the Writing NFT an open edition.

  • Read in wallet: You can now read your collected posts right in the NFT, in your wallet or on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

  • Collect on secondary: Collecting doesn’t stop once the Writing NFT is minted out – you can always collect through secondary markets without ever having to leave the post.

Writing NFTs launched on Optimism over a year ago as one of the earliest experiments with NFTs on L2. Since then, over a million Writing NFTs have been collected, generating upwards of 700 ETH for creators on Mirror and helping them grow their communities in a new way. Many of the ideas published and collected on Mirror have become invaluable to those communities, and the demand for Writing NFTs is just getting off the ground. And Writing NFTs are designed to be broadly accessible – they’re completely gas-free for writers to create, and collectors pay a nominal platform fee per mint and low L2 gas.

Whether you’ve been sitting on a groundbreaking idea you’d like to share with the world or you just want to share your thoughts on an interesting NFT drop, go ahead and create your first Writing NFT right now!

And if you want to see the new Writing NFT collector experience in action, you can mint this announcement below and then read it in your wallet. And look out for more new features as we continue to make Mirror the best place for web3 publishing.

If you have an existing Writing NFT and would like to update it so that your collectors can view it in their wallets, please follow the instructions here.

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