Mirror and Paragraph Join Forces to Elevate Onchain Publishing

Mirror and Paragraph are joining forces, marking a significant milestone in onchain publishing. Paragraph will take over stewardship of the Mirror product, design system, and brand. Colin Armstrong will be CEO and Denis Nazarov will remain as an advisor.

Paragraph is also excited to announce that they’ve raised a $5M fundraising round with investment from Union Square Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. With this new capital and support from industry leaders like Coinbase and USV, Paragraph will be well positioned to take onchain publishing to the next level.

Mirror, founded at the end of 2020, launched the first publishing platform that empowered writers with the tools offered by crypto, like decentralized storage, decentralized domains, crowdfunding campaigns, NFT tooling, and Writing NFTs. Paragraph, which launched October 2021, has helped creators reach their audience and get paid directly from their users through newsletter subscriptions, onchain social, and messaging integrations. Paragraph has proven to be an exemplary steward for onchain publishing, both growing their audience among the Farcaster community of writers, creators, and brands, as well as innovating on the types of subscriptions and messaging services the onchain community knows and loves.

For writers and publishers on Mirror and Paragraph, nothing will change in the short term. All of your writing will remain and you’ll still have access to the same great tools for publishing.

When I founded Mirror in 2020, I bet on the potential for platforms that merge content with marketplaces of value. What would it look like to give creators simple web3 primitives so that they could own their relationship with their fans and supporters, create new business models and new forms of patronage? I’m excited to see Mirror taken to the next level of onchain publishing under Colin’s leadership.

—Denis Nazarov, Founder, Mirror

At Paragraph, we've always strongly believed that novel onchain primitives can redefine the landscape of publishing. We've helped thousands of creators build direct relationships with their audience, and with this exciting announcement, we'll be able to move even quicker on our mission and help millions more. I'm thrilled to lead our talented team towards a future where onchain technology is not just an option but the standard for content creators worldwide.

—Colin Armstrong, Founder, Paragraph

USV has long believed in the potential for onchain publishing to transform the way creators connect with their audiences and communities, enabling more direct ownership of content and opening the door for new and powerful monetization models.  We are proud to support Paragraph's next phase of growth in support of this exciting and inevitable future."

—Nick Grossman, General Partner, Union Square Ventures

Paragraph and Mirror have been pushing the boundaries on onchain publishing, and have helped connect thousands of creators with millions of readers. With this new partnership and investment from Coinbase Ventures and the Base Ecosystem Fund, we’re thrilled to double down on onchain publishing and help bring even more creators onchain.

—Jesse Pollak, CEO, Base

Web3 is changing the ways in which creators can own and monetize their direct audiences. Paragraph and Mirror, alongside strategic partners like Base, are committed to co-creating seamless onchain experiences for writers globally, and we’ll continue to build novel experiences for creators and their communities with Mirror. We’ll share more updates soon, and in the meantime if you have any questions, cast in the /paragraph or /mirror channels on Farcaster.

Separately, Reflective Technologies, Inc., the company behind Mirror, is launching a new product, Kiosk.

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