Update on Publishing Tools

Since our launch, new communities that have coalesced on Mirror have redefined what we can accomplish together. Mirror has been fortunate to support ambitious crowdfunding campaigns like The Ethereum Film. Krause House bought a professional basketball team and is working toward buying an NBA team. Blvkhhvnd launched the first decentralized e-sports team and just won a world championship.

We’re inspired by how communities like these have used our tools in ways we could have never imagined, and grateful to see primitives pioneered at Mirror (like crowdfunds, splits, and editions) adopted by leading platforms and tools across the ecosystem.

As always, we continue to ask: how can Mirror best serve the web3 creator community?

While we’re extremely proud of all the experimentation since Mirror’s genesis, the community has made it clear that what sets Mirror apart are its unique capabilities for sharing ideas that catalyze communities in web3. To that end, we are reaffirming our commitment to creating the best home for web3 publishing.

Going forward, Mirror will do less but at a much higher level of quality and execution. Over the next few months, we'll strengthen the core functionality around writing and reading on Mirror, and then expand from there.

We’ve already shipped a number of features to improve the foundation of the publishing experience, such as writing NFTs and web3 subscriptions. As part of this distillation, we are reimagining how funding tools can natively integrate into a holistic publishing toolkit for creators.

Starting today, we are temporarily pausing creation of new plugins and simplifying the dashboard, as we design a new integration of funding tools composed with publishing and community building. 

Existing crowdfunds, editions, and splits will continue to be accessible via their permalinks and entry blocks. For additional information on closing crowdfunds and withdrawing funds, or suggestions for excellent alternative tools in the ecosystem, visit the support portal.

In alignment with this focus, we’ve updated the homepage to articulate the core functionality of Mirror. We look forward to building the future of online publishing with you.

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