Reflections on Content Discovery: Mirror's Evolving Homepage

More writing, music, podcasts, and art is released into the world every day — faster than ever before. How do you keep up with all this new content? How do you separate good ideas from flashes in the pan? How can you keep up with writers with alpha or the artists you admire?

This problem of content overload is not unique to web3, but especially challenging given the ubiquity of new information in our industry and so much activity still happening on Twitter/X and Discord. Over the past few months, Mirror made it a mission to build new discovery and curation surfaces to both help collectors find interesting content, and help creators reach their fans and build communities.

We are excited about how our new homepage design promises to redefine the way you discover, engage, and create content on Mirror.

The Inbox Tab: Stay Connected with Creators You Love

We've always believed in fostering strong connections between creators and their audience. To take this a step further, we've introduced the Inbox tab to provide you with a seamless and continuous experience to keep up with your favorite creators.

Now, when you visit the Inbox tab, you'll see a chronological feed of the latest entries from creators you subscribe to, as well as entries that they are collecting. It's your personalized content stream, ensuring you never miss an update.

The Explore Tab: All The News That’s Fit to Mint

With so much different content getting published daily on Mirror, we want to make it easier for you to find the most compelling entries worth collecting. That's why we've introduced the Explore tab, your gateway to a curated selection of the best content we collect every day.

As you navigate to the Explore tab, you'll be greeted with an array of newsletters, articles, ideas, curated music NFTs, white papers, and other insights that have captured the essence of Mirror's thriving community. This is our curated collection of entries worth collecting.

Explore tab
Explore tab

What our Collectors and Creators are Saying

What’s Coming

Our new homepage design is just the beginning of the exciting updates we have in store for content discovery and building your community on Mirror.

  • Over the coming weeks, we will be shipping new features that will enable a more social experience on Mirror, starting with introducing a new notification panel.

  • We also know that there is an increasing variety of publications choosing Mirror and would like to highlight and suggest our favorite content by categories. Look out for categories coming soon.

  • Finally, discovery is not just about who you subscribe to and what we curate. We’ve been hard at work on a new discovery algorithm to make more personalized recommendations of content based on what's currently trending or what is relevant to your interests.

If you have any feedback, be sure to give us a shout on Twitter, or better yet, let us know why you are collecting on Mirror.

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