Say hello to your new (and very improved) Dashboard

This update enables you to envision and build a home for your web3 projects and communities.

To say Mirror has been busy would be an understatement. A few weeks ago, all publishing, economic, and governance tools were opened to everyone. The Mirror DAO Pre-Season began and the team introduced new features like Token Race. The importance of a great home for all of these tools became very clear.

Today, we are introducing a brand new Dashboard!

Some of the new features include:

  • …just look at it! Your eyes are welcome.
  • Improved structure—everything in its right place.
  • An abundance of room for all the exciting features and integrations we have in store.
  • Delicious dark and light mode flavors.
  • Enhanced collaboration when contributing across multiple projects.

Mirror’s mission is to enable projects and communities to grow by telling their stories and funding their aspirations.

Your new Dashboard is the next big step forward in improving what’s possible in service of this mission. Over time, you’ll be able to compose more features and creative blocks for building your web3 project, community or DAO.

We look forward to sharing additional product updates and launches from the Mirror team and community in the coming weeks and months, and invite you to join the community Discord and follow Mirror on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Ready to build? Connect your wallet to the Mirror Dashboard and get started.

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