Editor 2.0
August 25th, 2021

Mirror is excited to release a significant update to the writing experience with a completely new editor.

The new editor allows you to seamlessly weave together multimedia content and economic participation into a cohesive narrative. Create a story that’s collectible. Raise funds to make your dream project a reality. Build a community around your writing.

We’ve evolved the editor to better support your creative process. No more toggling to preview mode or looking up Markdown syntax. As you write, the editor displays your story how readers will see it. You can even insert rich embeds directly into the document — like Mirror economic blocks (crowdfunds, splits, etc.), web3 content (NFTs), or third-party content (YouTube videos, tweets, etc).

If you like using Markdown, you still can. Markdown syntax gets transformed into rich text and you can even paste Markdown into the editor. For those who prefer formatting with their mouse, there are new selection and block menus to get things just right.

In the future, this foundation will help support new features, like auto-save, table support, collaborative editing, etc. We are excited to get this into creators’ hands and see what you create.

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