$WRITE RACE: Quadratic Voting

$WRITE Race is how users onboard to Mirror. Everyone who verifies their identity on the platform is a candidate for $WRITE race and can be voted for by anyone in the community. Voting is about participation, support, and impact, and the kinds of creators you’d like to see on Mirror. We reward participation by increasing your voting power by 10 each week you use your votes. But as the number of rounds and winners has increased, the impact of new voters has gone down.

This week we're changing that by implementing quadratic voting. In case you're unfamiliar, here's a visual primer:


Quadratic voting balances for whales and also collective community belief, rewarding those who get a large number of average-sized votes. This kind of system has already been applied in many areas of Web3, including at Gitcoin where they use it for quadratic funding to boost even $10 contributions to much higher sums.

We're excited to apply this in $WRITE Race Round 32, which starts today (Wednesday) @ 3PM ET, and see how it shapes the results of the race.

You'll still see your normal voting power when going through the voting process, but the leaderboard will now have a scoring tag to let you know how we're scoring the round (quadratic or cumulative). For each candidate in $WRITE race, you'll see their score next to the vote button, as well as the number of votes they've received and the number of voters below the button. Earlier rounds are not affected by this change.

We'll share more details after the round is complete on how it went, how it compares to previous rounds, as well as our plans moving forward.

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